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Stay Sharp


Blenders and Food Processors

Dec 03 2016



When you are making that mixed drink or the smoothie, listen to your blender or food processor. Does it still sound like it is getting tired, or does it take a little longer for it to crush the ice, or blend the items you pass through it? The problem may not be with the machine getting old and worn out, it might, and usually is nothing more than blades that have been over worked. Like any other cutting edge, these blades also need an occasional touch up to keep them functioning. As the blade gets dull, the motor needs to work harder to complete the task. This will eventually cause the motor to overheat, and possibly burn out.

Because of the shape of the blade, it becomes a little more difficult to get the edge cleaned up and made sharp again. The concept is the same as sharpening a knife, but the honing needs to be done with care to ensure the curved edge is sharpened all along the length. It takes a little more time, but the end result is saving the cost of a new processor. The processor or blender will function much better, in less time and you get to keep the one you are used to using.

We have done several of them this year, and a couple of them were brought to us as an afterthought. The customers knew we sharpened knives and other things, so they thought they would at least ask. One came back the following week and said her blender even sounds better, and it take less time to pulverize the vegetables she was pureeing.

There are other things in and around the home that can be sharpened rather than replaced. When anything that cuts, grinds, or pulverizes isn’t working the way it did when it was new, ask your local sharpening service if it is something they can do, or if they know of someone who might be able to do it. To locate a sharpening service, check with the local hardware store. Many of them offer this service. If they don’t ask if they know of someone who does.

There are some things that would be cheaper to replace, or are made to make it difficult to get the blades out without destroying the item. When we come across these, we will tell the customers right out that we cannot do it, and why we feel that way.
So, when you are working around the house, listen to what your cutting tools are telling you. Keep them working the best that they can and they will last a long time. As always  Stay Sharp and Stay Safe, and Happy Cutting. 

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