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Farmers Market

Jun 03 2013

I'd like to share some of the benefits of shopping at the local Farmers Markets. Not only will you find quality produce and crafts, but you are helping your neighbors make a living, or augment their finances. All the money spent at the markets stays within the communities the vendors sell from. Some of the crafts are unlike any you will find in the big box stores, and in many cases you can order things from these craftspeople and get much better quality at a fair price.

Most vendors at the local markets grow most if not all their produce. They will proudly display a home grown sign on their booth. The crafts sold are made by those selling them. By purchasing items from them you are supporting local people instead of some guy overseas or the big box stores. You can ask questions about how the produce and food items were grown and know what chemicals if any are used in the process. The crafts you purchase are of much better quality than the mass produced items you'll find in the big box stores.

While visiting the markets, you are also getting out in the fresh air. Walking around taking your time not having to be in a hurry. It is a good time to just stroll and relax. Take the family shopping, while you are looking for that perfect produce, the rest of the family will be looking at things that they find interesting. It will get them away from the video games and maybe help them find something that might spark an interest in them.

It is also a good place to meet people. As a vendor we talk with all sorts of people. Many stop and chat about the skills needed to sharpen different items, some have stories about how grandpa, or dad would spend hours putting that perfect edge on the axe, only to pass it off to them to make firewood. They talk about some of the old tools they have and reminisce on what an easy life they really had. Others listen to the conversation and sometimes get involved in what we are talking about. Always an interesting time and very enjoyable. So why not get out and enjoy a morning roaming around an open market. Find a little peace in a world that is way to hurried.

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