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Stay Sharp


The Great Outdoors

May 07 2013

For those who enjoy camping, picnics on the beach or just plain old tail gating at the ball park, we would like to remind you of some simple safety tips.

First of all when setting up the camper or camp equipment, start with the cookware you are going to use. If you don't have a box with a cover that protects your camp kitchen knives, make a cardboard sleeve to put them in when they are not in use. Not only will this help keep you from cutting yourself when reaching into a box or drawer full of loose utensils, but it will also protect the cutting edge of the knife. When the knives are sharp, cooking tends to be more enjoyable. Not only the knives should be kept in a sleeve when not in use, but any utensil that has a cutting edge.

For the camp saw, axe or hatchet, protect the sharp edges by placing and old piece of hose on it. Just cut the hose to length and cut a slit along the length. To help hold it in place use a bungee tie or rubber strap. This will not only protect the cutting edge while not in use but will help save you from a cut when reaching for it. If they are sharp when you set off for your adventure, this will help keep them sharp for when you need them.

Since there is usually much less space in a food prep are in a campsite then there is in the home kitchen, Keep all sharp items in one are area, away from the general traffic pattern. This will help keep small hands from grabbing something they shouldn't. Have a piece of wood cut longer then the longest knife in your kit. Cut a slot in it lengthwise and about twice the width of the thickest blade. Between cuts place the knife you are using cutting edge down in the slot. This again protects the cutting edge, but also keeps the knife from falling off the work station, and helps keep the prep area organized.

Although camping is suppose to be fun, limit the amount of running around near the cooking and campfire areas. When camping with small children, they tend to be much faster than when at home. It only take a second for them to get into something they would not touch when at home. Nothing spoils a camping trip faster than a trip to the emergency room for something that could have been avoided.

Keep safe out there and enjoy your summer.

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